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Who we are

WE ARE A FREELANCE COLLECTIVE. Pan European (British, Irish, Polish, French and Ukrainian developers).  I think our motto is we can ‘turn our hands to anything code-wise’. Whether it’s database drudgery or PHP/HTML5/CSS3 or handwritten Javascript (Angular, Node, Backbone) we’ve got it covered.

So you can hire us one or you can hire us all as a collective, the choice is yours

Sam Bradley (GB)  – Designer/Animation Specialist, all things Adobe, Google Web Designer, After Effects

Christophe Latour (FR) – Project Manager

Dave Litchfield (GB) – Senior Dev – Objective-C, PHP, SQL, JS, C#/.net, C++     (experience: 27 years)

Paul McKeown (IRL) – Project Manager/Senior Dev/Flash/Flex/AIR/Actionscript  (experience: 21 years)

Don Frederiksen (SWE) – Developer, eCommerce, AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Because each member of our FREELANCE COLLECTIVE specialises in their own particular field we can help you with any tasks presented to us.If it is backend development, our guys will be ready with a custom made CMS to cater for all your sites. If it’s an animated dynamic banner our design team will be ready to go, producing fresh ideas over many platforms from designing in Google Web Designer and publishing in Double Click Studio, to Flash to After Effects. Need to get your site recognition it deserves? Then why not ask us about our SEO services?

We are a diligent and flexible working unit with all the skills and manpower necessary to take your project to the next level and help you to achieve your goals.

Giving you what you want, the way you want it.


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