WE ARE A FREELANCE COLLECTIVE. Pan European (British, Irish, Polish, French and Ukrainian developers). Whether it's database drudgery or PHP/HTML5/CSS3 or handwritten Javascript (Angular, Node, Backbone) we've got it covered.
Carphone warehouse
Google Web Designer
Animated banners
Fully animated banners designed in the Adobe Creative Suite and animated and published in Google Web designer via DoubleClick Studios
  • Client guidlines: Developed from perameters set by client
  • Front-end Development: Images coloured and sized in Photoshop
  • Front-end Development: Vector logos sized in Illustrator
  • Front-end Development: GWD animation in HTML+CSS
  • Back-end Development: OO PHP image and information indexing
  • Doubleclick studio: Publishing for Web
  • Images and assets designed from scratch
  • Lightweight and highly compatible HTML5 / CSS3 banners
Paul McKeown
  • Role: Graphic designer/ animator
  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Twitter: @SatScript
  • Languages: English, Polish
  • Specialisations: Adobe suite/ HTML+CSS
images and assets designed from scratch
Vectorised logos and custom text
Google Web Designer animated banners
DoubleClick Studios
Banner advert publishing
Flash to HTML5
Converting ActionScript to HTML5
Simple to use interface for selecting phone models and price structures
Lightwieght and highly compatable HTML and CSS banners
Rich Media Ads published via Google DoubleClick Studio
Flash to HTML5
Bespoke banners in multiple web standard sizes