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Project type: iOS App
Skills: Storyboarding, Objective C, User Interface (UI), SQLlite
Description: This was based on the Fairshare project explained below. A simple app to control the household expenditure (bills – e.g. internet, electricity, gas and water).

Project type: microtopix is an urgent care medical dictionary
Skills: Balsamiq, Axure, Objective C, REST API, JSON, XML, OO PHP, MVC (CodeIgniter)
Description: microtopix is an information reference source designed and developed to satisfy the
immediate needs of Urgent Care Clinicians during consultations, or the
moments between patient consultations.
Project type: eLearning iOS App
Skills: Balsamiq Wireframing tool, Objective C, REST API
Description: iOS app (eventually got it to sync up with the microtopix app). The purpose of the app was to provide eLearning type questions (multiple choice, drop down, free form answers) based on the microtopix app (also developed by team members).
RecruitNI.com, Belfast
Project type: Jobs website plus periodical newsletter
Skills: ASP.net, C#, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Email marketing setup, Flash
Description: To create a recruitment portal for the market in Ireland (www.recruitni.com) and to build a C# application for the handling, delivery and sending of emails formatted for the different clients (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird) using HTML/.net coding. Used dynamic content to create email campaigns. Strong HTML and extensive skills with HTML editors such as Dreamweaver were needed for this project. Dramatically increased ROI (return on investment) with successful clickthrough campaigns. Targeted both employers looking to recruit candidates, advertise on the site, and potential employees looking to be recruited via the portal.
Project type: RemoteAssist ReverseVNC Client Server Connection
Skills: PHP
Description: The task was to build a reverse VNC (something similar to GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer) connection software kit (client app plus server side services) using the Flex fvnc library. The plan was to implement a secure VNC connection that would comply with ISO9001 certification ( login procedures, logging facilities etc.), so that the NHS could accept incoming support requests from their registered tech support people to take remote control of the doctors machines and provide updates/troubleshooting/advice.