Project type: Facebook API game for healthcare industry
Skills: Facebook API; PHP (AMFPHP; SMARTY templates); Flash Builder 4 (FLEX) AIR 2.0; MySQL DB; Photoshop; Illustrator, ZEND
Description: this Facebook application involved designing a user interface (UI) and then designing a set of masks based on the agency’s storyboard. A third party developer designed the PHP gateway and the assigned task was to design and build a Flex app to interface with this PHP API gateway. The objective of the game was to help new companies understand how pharmaceutical drugs are brought to market.
Project type: Adobe FLEX (Flash Builder 4.6) Project
Skills: Flex, Adobe (AIR), Objected Oriented Programming (OOP)
Description: Created a set of templates for companies such as BP, IBM and Ferrero, where via one app and one ‘campaign’ they could produce templates by one click of a menu button with no further design expertise needed.
Julian Lennon
Project type: Flash Animation Website
Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, AS2, PHP ZEND, Logic, SVN, Facebook API, MySpace, Adobe AIR, Flash ActionScript 3
Description: We were handed a set of wireframes complete with graphics from the Digital Design Agency and the task was to build an animated musical website to represent the different areas of Julian’s interest – including charity links, live music dates, online shop where people could purchase music, either from his or his father John’s collection. We also had to write and execute scripts for the backend of the site, which was controlled by HyperLaunch CMS (based on the ZEND framework).