Interactive Flash Game
Project type: Interactive Flash Game
Skills: Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP, FLASH DESIGN
Description: Task was to take a basic Flash design and firstly improve the interface. Secondly to make the functionality work (Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP, FLASH DESIGN) and then to add a scoring mechanism and high score table results.
Project type: Flash Banner Ads
Skills: Flash, Actionscript 2, Photoshop, XHTML, MySQL, clickTag
Description: The task was to design and build a series of Flash banner advertisements for the Motor Sports/ Aviation Recruitment arena.
Philips ReAura
Project type: Corporate website + Blog
Skills: Flash Builder (FLEX) Project, After Effects, Flash Video
, ActionScript 3, Flash Builder, Brightcove Media Server, Flash Remoting, hand coded JavaScript Widgets, XML, CSV
Description: The objective was to match all the wireframes and to integrate them into the Philips Flash Hub according to their directives. All videos were configured and hosted on Brightcove. We had to implement a central admin panel (on our dedicated server) linked to Tumblr API so that all posts from Facebook or Twitter could be viewed and added to the sites official blog.
RecruitNI.com, Belfast
Project type: Jobs website plus periodical newsletter
Skills: ASP.net, C#, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Email marketing setup, Flash
Description: To create a recruitment portal for the market in Ireland (www.recruitni.com) and to build a C# application for the handling, delivery and sending of emails formatted for the different clients (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird) using HTML/.net coding. Used dynamic content to create email campaigns. Strong HTML and extensive skills with HTML editors such as Dreamweaver were needed for this project. Dramatically increased ROI (return on investment) with successful clickthrough campaigns. Targeted both employers looking to recruit candidates, advertise on the site, and potential employees looking to be recruited via the portal.
Project type: Flash AS3 PointRoll Competition Microsite
Skills: PointRoll, Media Kitchen, Eye Blaster, Flashtalking, Illustrator, AS2/AS3, PHP, CS5
Description: We were provided with access to the PointRoll API and given a set of designs in Illustrator, along with the AS3 components toolkit and our task was to produce a set of media assets (Polite Ads, Expandable banner ads, rollover ads etc.) plus to prepare, convert and load dynamically videos into the Flash files for campaigns for two of their main customers - Glenfiddich and Purina. The end products had to be dynamically called from their existing PHP based websites.
Julian Lennon
Project type: Flash Animation Website
Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, AS2, PHP ZEND, Logic, SVN, Facebook API, MySpace, Adobe AIR, Flash ActionScript 3
Description: We were handed a set of wireframes complete with graphics from the Digital Design Agency and the task was to build an animated musical website to represent the different areas of Julian’s interest – including charity links, live music dates, online shop where people could purchase music, either from his or his father John’s collection. We also had to write and execute scripts for the backend of the site, which was controlled by HyperLaunch CMS (based on the ZEND framework).
Project type: DoubleClick Flash Game Microsite
Description: Task was to help produce a DoubleClick (API owned by Google) to produce an advertising campaign for Tetley. We were provided with all of the graphical assets and my task was to build the campaign according to their storyboard. The central element of the campaign was a Flash AS2 ‘sugar cube’ game.
Project type: 100% Flash website + CMS
Skills: AS3, HTML, JavaScript, SEO, Photoshop, PHP, MySQL, CMS, iPlayer
Description: Responsibilities were to step in and fire fight the project, putting in as many hours as possible in the shortest timeframe to produce the website with deep links and SEO capabilities (via SWFAddress, SWFEvent, TweenLite) based on a revolutionary design.
Project type: Touchscreen animation kiosk
Skills: Flash Actionscript 3, FlashDevelop IDE, Photoshop, XML, audio/video, wireframes, Stage3D, GIT, MANTIS,
Description: Because it had to be touch screen, particular care had to be taken with memory management issues. The animation was of a DHOW (large ship built in the Middle East) and the user was able to rotate the ship about it’s horizontal or vertical axes.