Interactive Flash Game
Project type: Interactive Flash Game
Skills: Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP, FLASH DESIGN
Description: Task was to take a basic Flash design and firstly improve the interface. Secondly to make the functionality work (Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP, FLASH DESIGN) and then to add a scoring mechanism and high score table results.
Project type: Adobe FLEX (Flash Builder 4.6) Project
Skills: Flex, Adobe (AIR), Objected Oriented Programming (OOP)
Description: Created a set of templates for companies such as BP, IBM and Ferrero, where via one app and one ‘campaign’ they could produce templates by one click of a menu button with no further design expertise needed.
Project type: RemoteAssist ReverseVNC Client Server Connection
Skills: PHP
Description: The task was to build a reverse VNC (something similar to GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer) connection software kit (client app plus server side services) using the Flex fvnc library. The plan was to implement a secure VNC connection that would comply with ISO9001 certification ( login procedures, logging facilities etc.), so that the NHS could accept incoming support requests from their registered tech support people to take remote control of the doctors machines and provide updates/troubleshooting/advice.