Wire Wizards
Project type: PayPal forms and access
Skills: JavaScript, HTML5 CSS3
Description: Solving customers problems with integration Business Catalyst and new layout of the website.
Project type: Website and mobile app
Skills: OO PHP; Fuel (CodeIgniter); JavaScript; JQuery,HTML; CSS3; MySQL; CentOS; Photoshop
Description: This CMS system based on the PHP FUEL-CodeIgniter framework system which allows users to control a whole website and the data inside it.
Philips ReAura
Project type: Corporate website + Blog
Skills: Flash Builder (FLEX) Project, After Effects, Flash Video
, ActionScript 3, Flash Builder, Brightcove Media Server, Flash Remoting, hand coded JavaScript Widgets, XML, CSV
Description: The objective was to match all the wireframes and to integrate them into the Philips Flash Hub according to their directives. All videos were configured and hosted on Brightcove. We had to implement a central admin panel (on our dedicated server) linked to Tumblr API so that all posts from Facebook or Twitter could be viewed and added to the sites official blog.
Project type: 100% Flash website + CMS
Skills: AS3, HTML, JavaScript, SEO, Photoshop, PHP, MySQL, CMS, iPlayer
Description: Responsibilities were to step in and fire fight the project, putting in as many hours as possible in the shortest timeframe to produce the website with deep links and SEO capabilities (via SWFAddress, SWFEvent, TweenLite) based on a revolutionary design.