My Homefiles
Project type: iOS App
Skills: Storyboarding, Objective C, User Interface (UI), SQLlite
Description: This was based on the Fairshare project explained below. A simple app to control the household expenditure (bills – e.g. internet, electricity, gas and water).

Project type: eLearning iOS App
Skills: Balsamiq Wireframing tool, Objective C, REST API
Description: iOS app (eventually got it to sync up with the microtopix app). The purpose of the app was to provide eLearning type questions (multiple choice, drop down, free form answers) based on the microtopix app (also developed by team members).
Equistars Pro
Project type: Eventing game for iOS devices
Skills: iOS 7, Xcode, Objective-C, COCOA 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, iOS SDK, Redmine, Bitbucket, Agile Project Management, Core animation, TDD
Description: built a game app, for the horse championships (bit like Football Champion Manager)