Project type: Facebook API game for healthcare industry
Skills: Facebook API; PHP (AMFPHP; SMARTY templates); Flash Builder 4 (FLEX) AIR 2.0; MySQL DB; Photoshop; Illustrator, ZEND
Description: this Facebook application involved designing a user interface (UI) and then designing a set of masks based on the agency’s storyboard. A third party developer designed the PHP gateway and the assigned task was to design and build a Flex app to interface with this PHP API gateway. The objective of the game was to help new companies understand how pharmaceutical drugs are brought to market.
Interactive Flash Game
Project type: Interactive Flash Game
Skills: Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP, FLASH DESIGN
Description: Task was to take a basic Flash design and firstly improve the interface. Secondly to make the functionality work (Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP, FLASH DESIGN) and then to add a scoring mechanism and high score table results.
Online shop based on Magento framework
Project type: Online shop based on Magento framework
Description: Magento (EE) Enterprise edition (also familiar with the Community Edition). eCommerce web application used to create a system for ordering specialist 'delicatessen like' long lasting UK specific food supplies from the UK to other new European states (e.g. Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
WordPress Website
Project type: Responsive Website for microtopix
Description: Website was converted to the responsive WordPress template, as the client requested. The purpose was to provide the ease of editing content of the website such as text , images, videos and PDF’s that were the face of the website. Our team had to use some additional skills to combine a unique login WordPress-based system with multifunctional CMS.
Project type: microtopix is an urgent care medical dictionary
Skills: Balsamiq, Axure, Objective C, REST API, JSON, XML, OO PHP, MVC (CodeIgniter)
Description: microtopix is an information reference source designed and developed to satisfy the
immediate needs of Urgent Care Clinicians during consultations, or the
moments between patient consultations.
Landing Pages
Project type: Dynamic website
Skills: Bootstrap, Wordpress, HTML5 CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, Creative suite.
Description: Creation of individual sites for the Satisfactionscript team members. Sites were created with mobile and tablet devices in mind, so we employed a forward thinking, dynamic approach that will make them work equally well on desktop and handheld devices.
Project type: Flash AS3 PointRoll Competition Microsite
Skills: PointRoll, Media Kitchen, Eye Blaster, Flashtalking, Illustrator, AS2/AS3, PHP, CS5
Description: We were provided with access to the PointRoll API and given a set of designs in Illustrator, along with the AS3 components toolkit and our task was to produce a set of media assets (Polite Ads, Expandable banner ads, rollover ads etc.) plus to prepare, convert and load dynamically videos into the Flash files for campaigns for two of their main customers - Glenfiddich and Purina. The end products had to be dynamically called from their existing PHP based websites.
Stay clued
Project type: 100% Flash website + CMS
Skills: Flash, PHP
Description: 100% Flash based application with CMS backend dealing with items such as Flash advertisements, fashion carousel and Flash based online store. Using the designs and specification provided the task was to make this function inside the Flash environment using Flash Remoting to create the RIA.
Diabetes Matters
Project type: Flash Video Authoring System
Skills: PHP (ZEND; SMARTY templates); ZEND; NetBEANS; Flash Actionscript 2; Jenkins; SQL Server Management Studio (2008), Photoshop, JavaScript, Google Analytics (UK), WebTrends (DE), CSS; JIRA; SOAP/REST web services
Description: Worked as part of a 16 member team in Frankfurt, Germany to assist in the building of a CMS Authoring System named AIR2 (written in Typo3). Site was very large and going to accommodate millions of potential users across the world from pharmaceutical giants to household consumers. A very professional and secure registration (according to whether they were a doctor order processing environment, logging in and registration environment had to be set up. Used continuous integration methods (Jenkins). HTML5 (including video streaming) and CSS3.
Julian Lennon
Project type: Flash Animation Website
Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, AS2, PHP ZEND, Logic, SVN, Facebook API, MySpace, Adobe AIR, Flash ActionScript 3
Description: We were handed a set of wireframes complete with graphics from the Digital Design Agency and the task was to build an animated musical website to represent the different areas of Julian’s interest – including charity links, live music dates, online shop where people could purchase music, either from his or his father John’s collection. We also had to write and execute scripts for the backend of the site, which was controlled by HyperLaunch CMS (based on the ZEND framework).
Project type: RemoteAssist ReverseVNC Client Server Connection
Skills: PHP
Description: The task was to build a reverse VNC (something similar to GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer) connection software kit (client app plus server side services) using the Flex fvnc library. The plan was to implement a secure VNC connection that would comply with ISO9001 certification ( login procedures, logging facilities etc.), so that the NHS could accept incoming support requests from their registered tech support people to take remote control of the doctors machines and provide updates/troubleshooting/advice.
Project type: 100% Flash website + CMS
Skills: AS3, HTML, JavaScript, SEO, Photoshop, PHP, MySQL, CMS, iPlayer
Description: Responsibilities were to step in and fire fight the project, putting in as many hours as possible in the shortest timeframe to produce the website with deep links and SEO capabilities (via SWFAddress, SWFEvent, TweenLite) based on a revolutionary design.